CTP Processor's Water Circulation Filter Equipment

  • CTP Processor's Water Circulation Filter Equipment

Specification of Circulation Filter:








1254*904*1394 mm


Wuhan, China

Filter Process

3 stages filtration


Different plate processors




220V, 10A



Why Water Circulation Filter is necessary for Plate Processors?

By compare with printer’s water using, Plate Processor needs much more water while developing and washing plates. On the average, one Plate Processor would drain off water at least 3 tons per day, which nearly equals the year’s total water discharge of a printer.


After install Superluck brand Water Circulation Filter equipment, the processors’ effluent will be filtered effectively, the water is recycled just can be used as fresh water. As proved of different printing companies, the rate of developing water’s recycling would arrive 99% or higher. Just take one Medium scale printing plant for example, by using Superluck Water Circulation Filter machine, can save cost for this company at about 6000usd per year. Meanwhile, without the thousands of tons’ Sewage discharge of processor, this Water Recycle Machine makes great contributions to environmental protection.


Besides, Superluck brand Water Circulation Filter will help those printing companies of severe water shortage areas to relieve the water problems . For the countries are lack of water, such as Malta, Nigeria, Qatar, Kuwait, Libya, Bahrain, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Barbados, Yemen, Israel, Algeria, Tunisia, Burundi, Cape Verde, Oman, Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kenya, Egypt and Morocco, etc, this Water Recycling Filtration machine is quite necessary and useful.


Save water, everybody is responsible. Let’s cherish every drop of water, to win some more green on the earth.

Features of Circulation Filter:

1) Adopt three cycle stages of the filter, so that the water after developing is clean thoroughly.

2) Reduce the Sewage discharge, energy saving and environmental protection.

3) Automatic water supply, without manual replenishment.

4) Always keep the water clean, effectively improve the quality of the printing plate.

5) Reduce the times of changing water, greatly improve work efficiency, reduce costs.

6) Special durable filter, easy to replace, low price.

Superluck Brand Water Circulation Filter installed in printing companies:


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